Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3 & 4
Garbanzo Laffa

Laffa (wrap)

A laffa is a type of Middle Eastern flatbread that is both soft and chewy, and a little thicker than a pita. The unique texture and flavor of the laffa complement the fillings perfectly, providing a delightful contrast when used as a wrap. Its softness allows for easy biting and tearing, ensuring that every bite is a satisfying combination of the savory fillings and the delectable bread. Whether filled with protein, fresh veggies, flavorful sauces, or a combination, the laffa enhances the overall sandwich experience, making it an irresistible choice for wrap lovers.

Find a sampling of our available customizations below, which may vary by location. Place an order at the Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh nearest you.

1. Pick An Entrée & Protein

Pick your protein. Then choose up to 5 items in “fill it” and up to 3 items in “sauce it” sections.
Garbanzo Chicken
Signature Chicken
Fresh chicken marinated in our signature blend of Mediterranean spices and grilled to perfection.
Garbanzo Gyro Meat
Traditional Halal Certified gyro meat. Expertly sliced from an authentic cone.
Garbanzo Falafel
A crispy ball of ground garbanzo beans and fresh herbs.
Garbanzo Mushrooms
Delicious mushrooms are seasoned and grilled for a perfect vegetarian complement to any meal.
Garbanzo Steak
Tender steak freshly seasoned and grilled to seal in the bold flavor.

2. Fill It

Add any of our veggies, salads and seasoned rice to your entrée.
Traditional Hummus
Seasonal Hummus
Romaine Lettuce
Cucumber & Tomato Salad
Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables
Roasted Eggplant Spread
Signature Garbanzo Beans
Red Cabbage Salad
Tabbouleh Salad
Tomato, Parsley + Cracked Wheat
Seasoned Rice
Pickled Onions
Red Onions
Kalamata Olives

3. Sauce It

Choose from our selection of scratch made sauces.
Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh Signature White Sauce
Signature White Sauce
Creamy Mediterranean garlic dill sauce
Garbanzo Red Sauce
Signature Red Sauce
Fresh chopped roma tomato-based red chile sauce
Garbanzo Tahini Sauce
Tahini Sauce
Sesame seed sauce
House-made Tzatziki Sauce
Yogurt-based cucumber sauce
Garbanzo Greek Vinaigrette Sauce
Greek Vinaigrette
Garbanzo Cilantro Sauce
Cilantro Sauce

4. Complete It (a la carte)

Round out your meal with any of our delicious sides and Tractor organic beverages or bottled cold pressed juice for the win.

Hot Sides

Signature Fries
Seasoned Rice


Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chewy Marshmallow Bar
Toffee Crunch Blondie

Cold Sides

Signature Chips
Hummus w/Pita
Roasted Eggplant
Traditional or Seasonal
Tabbouleh Salad
Cucumber & Tomato Salad


Tractor Fountain Beverages
Organic Iced Tea
Bottled Water

Kids Meal

All kid's meals are served with a choice of kids' entrée, side and a drink.
Rice Bowl
Kid-Sized Pita (stuffed)
Includes Chicken, Gyro or Falafel, 3 additional ingredients and 1 sauce
Grilled Cheese Pita
Signature Chips
Signature Fries
Seasoned Rice
Whole Apple (sliced on request)

Kids Meal